The data populating the TheBeaconMap is sourced from a network of hundreds of apps across the United States. Our ability to detect beacons depends upon this nationwide network.  In areas where we have a stronger presence, we detect more beacons. In areas with little coverage or few beacons installed, we'll see fewer beacons on the map. 

The Reveal Mobile SDK, which sits inside these apps, listens for Bluetooth beacon signals, typically the iBeacon protocol developed by Apple, or the Eddystone protocol built by Google.

Patent-pending machine learning algorithms take these beacon signals, corresponding latitude and longitude data, and determine a precise location for each beacon. This process can take days or weeks. Once the location is determined, Reveal Mobile reverse geocodes the location to learn the business name and business type, if available. While we're confident in our process, sometimes we get it wrong. Machine learning works best when advised by humans.  

Reveal Mobile does not deliver any push notifications based upon these beacon signals, only listening passively for beacons in the background.  All beacons and any proprietary information associated with them remain the property of beacon manufacturer or the company that owns the beacons. We can only detect the publicly broadcast Bluetooth signal, and nothing else.

If you see a correction or want to add your beacons to the map, use the form below to let us know.

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